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The Monster Cold

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 30, 2008, 9:00 PM
This Journal is brought to you by:
I met her at Animazement a while back! A great artist and friend, so why don't you go and say "hello," and stop by her website!

Other Places to See

:bulletgreen:My Friends
:bulletgreen:My Live Journal
:bulletgreen:Fanart Central
:bulletgreen:My AMV (YouTube)
:bulletgreen:My Other Page -
My other page (Line Art, coming soon)
(It would probably be good if I updated these places every once in a while, huh?)

I greatly appreciate all the comments, and messages that I get. Please don't get discouraged if I haven't commented or responded to you, I'm getting there as soon as I can!

The Headline

Nobody likes getting a cold, especially during the summer. It's even more of a drag when you're someone lucky enough not to get sick very often...anyway, I just happened to catch a cold shortly after my last appearance here. Of course it hung around longer than usual, but the worst part of it was the ear infection that followed because of the humid weather we get this time of year.

What's Goin' On

So how's everyone doing today? I've got plenty of messages to get to, I'm working to get to you as soon as I can!

It's been quite a while since I've been able to spend at least some time here. The big reason for my reduced time here is that I'm working on a project at work, which pretty much has caused me to re-arrange my days. I'll be working mid-days for the duration of the project which probably won't affect my drawing, but it will still take some time to adjust.

      By the way, don't forget to check out my poll question
What is the hardest video game you played?


The NBA and NHL are now behind us, so it's baseball time for the next couple of months. My team decided they wanted to be underachievers this year, and are now making a big mess of themselves. *sigh* Football season can't get here fast enough.


It's only a matter of time before I finally get that Wii! In the meantime,  the SNES is still out of commission, it was back to the Dreamcast! Marvel v Capcom 2 is back in my Dreamcast! I remember I used to send people running away in that game!

What's On Deck

:bulletred: RT912's request
:bulletred: RakaiThwei's request
:bulletred: Redrawing old art
:bulletred: Revived older project
:bulletred: A few DC Characters
:bulletred: A couple others that I don't want to jinx right now


Everybody loves gifts, and I'm no exception! Here are some of the gifts I've gotten!

All my DA buds xD by IrisHime

Art Trade with Uchiha33 by kenkuabc


5K - Hinata and Akamaru by TeenBulma Yamanaka Ino - 4000 Kiriban by TeenBulma

Birthday for J-san by theanimeotakugirl

Uchiha33's drawing by Verbasan

The Life of Rakan by Zeno08 "Rakan" by Zeno08


:icondragonball-empire: :icondragonballdeviants: :iconnarutofanclub: :iconmystic-hero: :iconino-fanclub: :iconravefanclub: :iconvidel-gohan: :iconloveikkitousen: :iconinos-inner-fansfc: :iconinuclub: :iconnaruto-club: :iconbanetwork: :icondbz-girls: :iconeternal-naruto: :iconsweetestirony:


That's all I've got, thank you for reading, GOOD NIGHT NOW!!!

I Like Other Things Too!

  • Watching: SportsCenter

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SukiMitchell Feb 22, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
youve been ..Here are the rules:
1.) Post the rules
2.) Each tagged person tells 8 things about themselves.
3.) At the end tag 8 people and put their icon in your journal.
4.) Then go to their page and leave a comment saying you tagged them.
5.) No tag backs
6.) go back and tell the person who tagged you that you finished
Until next season :highfive: Thaaanks maaan!!!
thx for enjoying my comments.
Saiyajinskye Jan 27, 2010
:(@no requests, aw. I had a spots request
I'm afraid not for right now, I still have to get through the last batch of requests. We'll see how it goes once I get through them.
hey i like your naruto team photos and are u making your own story
Thank you, I'm not really making a story out of this.
J > E > T > S
whats up with this football season.good teams not doing well,some new teams up there,and I think I'm the last one to jump on Cincinnati band wagon.

nice job your doing on the forum.
thanks for that,
You might be, but I didn't think they'd sweep both the Ravens and Steelers...especially since they lost one of their best defensive players a while back!
ryuunootome Nov 10, 2009   Traditional Artist
hello, great gallery. I like how your drawings have very simple colors in them ^^
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